Your View of the World: Is It Real or Man-Made?

Ayelet Baron
3 min readApr 29, 2024

Is it time to create a healthy world?

Your view of the world: is it man-made or real?

The option to straddle the old ways while tentatively exploring the new no longer exists. We can no longer keep one toe in the toxic world and another in creating the healthy world.

With all the so called progress and “education” we have created, maybe we have lost the plot? Why are we seeing so many attack and judge without any knowledge of why they’re outraged?

And even more simply repeat slogans that divide? The old man-made constructs need us to fight and be right, which is spreading like wildfire. But the sad part is that so many have no clue what they are actually fighting for or against.

Looks like if there were tests like in our mind numbing education systems, most would not be right in the mind. It’s like Wetiko has become a show on our screens around the world. It’s playing out right under our noses and maybe even in our minds!

Take, for example, a person in New York who feels they grasp the essence of rural India from Bollywood films, while a person from India might form their impression of New York from episodes of Sex and the City and Friends.



Ayelet Baron

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