What No One Tells You About Life

Ayelet Baron
7 min readFeb 25, 2020

Hope is available to each of us when we’re ready

Photo by Carlos Arthur M.R on Unsplash

Many of the systems that exist today — from education to healthcare to work to our monetary system and politics — no longer serve the vast majority of humanity. While many people are feeling stuck or lost — not seeing a way out of these decaying paradigms — we can become aware that there is abundant hope to anchor in.

Are you the person who feels like you don’t fit into this world because you’re here to create a healthier life for yourself, and your community?

The current models dispense Band-Aids solutions and continuously show us that changing the deck chairs on a sinking ship does not change much. A not so radical thought expressed by sages that walked the earth before us asks us whether it’s time for some of these institutions and models to simply die so healthier ones can emerge? “New” or “better” are’nt always the answer as much as becoming aware of what’s healthy and unhealthy for us.

1-Do you understand what’s unhealthy for you? When we stay in a flurry of complaining, judging and pointing fingers of blame, we simply stay stuck. Constantly bringing new into the fold is not always healthy. For some, there’s no way out of the maze we constructed for ourselves. And yet, there are no locks on the prisons of the mind and no guards caging us in.

2-Are you becoming increasingly aware of what’s healthy for you? Consider observing and becoming aware of how you think, what and who you consume, how you behave, and understand what you’re creating in the world through your words and actions. It starts with a journey within ourselves to explore how we can begin living as a creator, while connecting with others — with a vivid imagination, strength of conviction, the curiosity of an adventurer and the spark of love. A love we are here to reignite.

3-Does kindness start with you? All we can do is be kind to ourselves first. Lift up and inspire by being the example of what we want to become. Healthy people act in healthy ways; learning and growing, like nature, along the way. When we make a commitment, we live up to it. And instead of living in disappointment or unmet…

Ayelet Baron

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