Trusting Gratitude

Ayelet Baron
2 min readMar 21

Navigating Our Inner and External Realms

In today’s world, gratitude is crucial for trusting ourselves and also establishing compassionate relationships.

But do we trust that there is a universal connection underlying everything when we understand there is nothing new under the sun? Perhaps everything is already here and our ‘work’ is to become aware that our trust is a precious currency?

When we trust ourselves fully, we treat ourselves with respect and compassion. And are also free of self-judgement, which has a ripple effect in our relationships and the boundaries we create.

Imagine each of us standing on a white sandy beach, feeling deep gratitude. Now, imagine drawing a circle in the sand. And then standing in the center of this circle.

This circle represents our wellbeing and our true selves. In this circle, we decide whether we create heaven or hell in how we choose to experience life. We face a choice to make everything complex or simple. Our sense of wonder is within our internal being.

Now, draw another circle. This second circle is our external world where we have roles and relationships like worker, manager, parent, child, sibling, citizen, friend.

This is a plain of existence we are taught to trust before ourselves. Someone outside ourselves always has our answers. And this is why this is our playground to unlearn and experiment who we can actually trust and where our gratitude lies.

And some of us may draw a third circle, not everyone is ready yet. This is our connection to the Universe and understanding there is something much bigger than us at play.

Navigating Our Inner and External Realms with Discernment

Many things go bump in the night. Things will appear to be real and then turn out not to be real. It’s important to be aware of artificial trust and to discern what is healthy for our wellbeing and what is not.

Trusting ourselves is not always easy, especially when we have been conditioned to seek validation from external sources. However, when we learn to trust ourselves, we are able to tune into our intuition and make decisions that align with our values and beliefs.

This inner guidance system is always available to us, but it requires us to silence the noise of our minds and tune in to our inner voice.

As we trust ourselves and the Universe more, we also begin to cultivate a sense of inner peace and confidence that radiates outwards and helps us create healthy relationships.

Ultimately, trusting gratitude and navigating our inner and external realms with discernment keeps us healthy and grounded.

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