Things We Don’t Talk About

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Whether it is your parents, your teachers or other “guides” who appear in your life early on, you are taught to trust others before yourself. The systems you are born into teach you to put your trust into them so you can develop into fully functioning, contributing members of society. You may be taught to believe someone, outside of you, has the answers, or to give your power to someone who has your best interest.

But what happens when you realize that not only are your systems broken — whether it is healthcare, business, politics, education, spirituality, religion, consumerism, work and everything in between — and that the current state of society that tries to convince you to be like everyone else, is also broken? And maybe, you, yourself also feel a bit broken? And that’s ok. Seeing the cracks and opportunities, with self-compassion, is the beginning.

There is so much that we don’t talk about in life, which personally makes me sad. Have you ever thought about how much of your life is spent talking about life and the stories you are entangled in, and how much of life is spent on actually living and creating? What percentages would you give yourself? Do you know what story is yours, and which belong outside of you?

One of the most important relationships you can have, and is available to each of us, is one we don’t talk openly about. How would you describe your relationship with yourself, and with your life? How would you rate this relationship?

You can go protest and fight for what you believe in the outside world and find “causes” to believe in. But at the end of the day, when no one is looking, how do you really feel? What and who matters to you?

There is and will always be noise in the world as it is trying to get your attention and to keep you in a state of division. Have you ever wondered why so many no longer have real conversations? Why you spend months running from meeting to meeting, being talked at and evaluated on your productivity and efficiency? Is this what work has become? You could be working at a counter and feel annoyed at all the customers who want their coffee a certain way. Don’t they know you are being evaluated on speed and they are simply hurting your chance of a bonus this year.

These are systems we all constructed and when we continue to consume unconsciously and not see each other, we are simply contributing to the “problem” instead of creating healthier paths that serve the employee+the customer in unity.

I was on a call yesterday where the person tried to convince me to trust him. He said, “most people don’t know this but our company is actually owned by [insert name of billionaire] and so you should trust us. The guy didn’t realize that this one comment made me not want to trust him, as this famous billionaire does not have a track record of walking his talk. He will not be a pioneer building the healthy systems our world needs now for the collective good. He has already shown us what he is capable of and that he is highly skilled in accumulating wealth for himself at our expense. And even though everyone thinks they “know” him, why does he deserve my trust?

What Are You Creating?

The last century was about self-help and you can see the results walking around any large urban city. There is more fear, division and gaps separating us. Reality is right here; staring at us, should we choose to see what is really going on. The shift that is taking place is your ability to become more self-aware; to reconsider where you have been and become aware of the possibilities and opportunities of what you can create!

Why, you may ask?

Because you and I both know that you are a powerful Creator.

You didn’t come to this planet with the intention to suffer and be a character in someone else’s story. Your opportunity is your own. You have been given incredible tools, and throughout your life, you have been shown both darkness and light, division and unity, health and toxicity.

The key is to first feel vulnerable with yourself; before trying to save the world or anyone else. You don’t need to be on a list, rewarded or recognized to recognize your abilities and passions.

The magic happens when you see yourself and ask yourself, what relationship do you want with life? How can you have a healthy relationship with your life?

Only you can answer this question.

No one has your answers, no matter how hard they try to convince you that they do.

You are so powerful in so many ways. What do you want to create?



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