Things Start to Get Real in May 2023

Ayelet Baron
2 min readApr 29

A Glimpse into the Future

May 2023 is fast approaching. Be ready for swift endings, urging us to take risks, try new paths, and embrace change. We have an opportunity to choose a different direction when things aren’t working.

True freedom starts when we let go of the stuff we’ve tolerated or done at our own expense.

Some people live in self-created fantasies or expect others to live according to their wishes. May 2023 will expose the shaky foundations of these illusions, causing confusion and disappointment.

When we listen to our inner voice, we open ourselves to life. We also attract people and situations that support our true purpose. Because luck doesn’t just happen; we create it through the choices we make.

May 2023 opens up the opportunity to embody the change we want to see in the world by seeking harmony and self-empowerment. This month, it will drive significant changes in relationships; individually and collectively.

May’s message is clear: now is the time to embody and integrate our desired future into everyday life. Take action, make conscious choices, and embrace personal growth to shape your reality. Prioritize passions, nurture relationships, and foster a healthy, curious mindset.

What if the things that start to get real are abundance, opportunities and wellbeing? Now, more than ever, our desire to live our purpose is strong. However, we must not let this intensity lead to self-sabotage.

By wisely channeling this energy, rather than letting it burst out, we can accomplish incredible feats. There is wisdom in being gentle and taking courageous steps.

Let’s prioritize being genuine over seeking approval from others. Commit to speaking honestly and directly, rather than aiming to always be right or win arguments.

Embrace the courage to stay true to ourselves, allowing those who are meant to be in our lives to connect with us genuinely.

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