Somatic Intelligence

Ayelet Baron
2 min readMar 9, 2023

Our Health is Everything

Somatic intelligence is the ability to understand and effectively use information from our body and physical sensations. Being fully embodied helps us make decisions and navigate our world.

In our fast-paced, sedentary, and often stressful modern world, Somatic Intelligence is becoming increasingly important. By developing our awareness of and connection to our bodies, we:

  • improve our physical and emotional health,
  • manage stress more effectively, and
  • cultivate greater overall health and wellbeing

When I was a theatre major, the body was an instrument that we needed to be in harmony with for our performances. During a voice and speech class, the professor uncovered layers of information that no other course provided. And I wish I was taught in elementary school.

We learned that our body stores trauma and emotional pain. And unless, we release it, we carry it with us everywhere we go. Our bodies hold onto these experiences and often manifest as tension, pain and disease.

For many of us, there are many emotions that get stuck in our bodies that unless released, transform into potential illnesses. Research has found that traumatic experiences can be stored in somatic memory, and manifest as changes in an…



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