Purpose+ Profit = Next Generation Business

Ayelet Baron
3 min readJan 19, 2017

Can you imagine what is possible now? There is no other time than now!

Let’s go make it happen. What are you waiting for?

The Current Reality

A growing number of people and organizations are recognizing that another person’s best practices are often not applicable to their own situation. Guidance from others is vital, but we need to gain a greater integrated understanding of our own unique situations, goals, and purpose, and then implement new approaches that fit our own specific business needs and opportunities.

A Paradigm Shift is Available to Business Pioneers

We are on the edge of a genuinely new paradigm for business. There is an urgent need to shift from leading with organizational structure and technology to leading with greater purpose. Rational structure and evolving technologies are obviously important, but they are meant to serve the higher purpose of your business, not to dominate it. We can stop bringing with us old and tired ways of working that just keep shifting the deck chairs on a sinking ship.

Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you. Aldous Huxley

Our opportunity is not simply implement another business program or framework. It is far simpler, and yet much more challenging, than that. We need to adopt a 21st century mindset that drives our purpose and allows us to see opportunities where we bring people together to create something beautiful in the world of business. When people in an organization are connected to its deep purpose and know how to play their position, that’s when the profitability comes in. Are you ready to build the next generation business based on purpose + profit?


Feel free to contact me to talk about how we can make this happen in your organization … My new interactive workshop or keynote will help you and your team start exploring and navigating through these critical opportunities for creating your next generation business tailored for the 21st century:

  • What is your purpose?
  • What is the collective purpose of why you are in business?
  • Where is your edge?
  • How do you connect with the people — employees, customers, partners, vendors, communities — who care about what your business creates?
  • How does purpose + profit = the future of your business? What actions do you need to take? What mindsets do you need to embrace?
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Ayelet Baron is an author, coach, and speaker. Along with her unlikely partners, she is creating a new way forward for business and offering a bridge to 21st century leadership. Her recent book, Our Journey to Corporate Sanity, is not just another business book — it brings together 33 visionary leaders whose transformational stories can help us recognize that we are in the human-to-human era where purpose and experiences matter more than mere transactions. It was recently reviewed on Actionable Books.

It is time for conscious 21st century leaders to drive shared purpose in becoming whole, integrate our teams around new ways of being, and co-create in trusted communities and unlikely partnerships.

Ayelet Baron

Pioneering Futurist. Author. Former Cisco strategist. Thinkers50 author. Forbes 50 Female Futurists #indieauthor