What’s Love Gotta Do With It? Everything!!!

The question is do you want to be enticed and strung along until the next big thing, or do you want to live and flow, like the wind or the ocean. In the first scenario, the highs are high and the lows are low, as we are addicted to a false notion of success, where we have goals we must achieve to be happy. It is mostly an unnatural path that seduces us to a quest of heartbreak. It is often filled with hurt and false starts. Think about it. Albert Einstein’s own father died thinking his son was a failure.

Every breath you take matters. It gives you life. And life is beautiful.

  • The people you let in your heart
  • The food and products you put in and on your body
  • The thoughts you put in your mind
  • The intentions you give your attention to
  • The care you have for yourself, and others on the planet
  • The relationship you have with material and non-material items in your life
  • The dialogue, and connection, you have with yourself, and others
  • And anything else, it means to YOU!



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Ayelet Baron

Ayelet Baron

Offer medicine to the soul as an author. speaker. guide. Former Cisco strategist. Thinkers50 author. Forbes 50 Female Futurists #indieauthor