Choosing Life: The Last Letters

Ayelet Baron
2 min readJun 4, 2024

A Message from the Other Side

In choosing life, we don’t necessarily choose our circumstances every day. But we do choose how we show up and react.

In a world torn by war, a young soldier named Eden fought to protect her homeland. Amidst the battles, she clung to a worn notebook and penned her thoughts. As the battles grew fiercer, she wrote a letter to her beloved family.

“Choose life,” she implored, “Celebrate the beauty that exists, even amidst the darkness.”

Eden, a brave soul, lost her life eight months ago.

But her words reached many hearts as more bereaved families discovered their children’s last letters.

Tara, a wise old turtle, emerged from a nearby lake, moved by Eden’s letter. She sought out those struggling.

“What if we question, seek our own truths, and forge our paths?” Tara asked with conviction. “Life is a precious gift, cherish and celebrate it, even when you feel there’s no hope.”

Inspired by Tara and Eden, a few found solace in each other and in hope. With love and open hearts, they never forgot their sacrifices…



Ayelet Baron

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