Beyond Shiny Objects

Ayelet Baron
3 min readDec 15, 2022

There is A Field of Opportunity

Shiny Objects

Shiny object syndrome is a belief that there’s something new, and better, worth pursuing. Some feel it stems from childhood when we always want the new toy even when we may already have plenty of toys to play with.

People often chase shiny objects when we lack clarity and are easily distracted by the next hype.

When we turn down the shiny mainstream stories, there are truly amazing people creating what is needed right now. People stepping out of the cookie cutter world and not only imagining but creating what we need.

In the mainstream, it is still about raising funds. Being connected to the right people and using the trendy pitch decks and approaches to close deals. But do we really need more of the same, different channel?

Beyond Shiny Stuff

Can you see the tide slowly shifting? We’ve had scandals, Ponzi schemes and bad investments for decades now. And apart for reporting on them or being a victim of them, we watch the never ending mini-series streaming about some of the biggest scam artists of our times.

While there’s great mainstream speculation about Saudi Arabia joining the BRICS emerging countries, maybe it’s time to focus more on what’s in our control? As FTX plays out on our screens, many scratch our heads in disbelief. And yet, we have seen this over and over and it’s not shiny anymore. It’s getting old fast. And it’s not a TV show but real life where people get trampled by greed.

And although many are obsessing over ChatGPT right now, this is a time for us to step into our power with human intelligence with deep connection to our super intelligent natural environment. Because who created this platform? [Hint: humans}. And yet we are focused on the platform (shiny object), once again.

When asked why chatGPT considers itself intelligent, AI said, “I do not refer myself as intelligent because I am a computer program and do not have the ability to think, experience emotions, have fun or be human.”

So let’s remember that there is another way when we let go of hype and become conscious leaders of our lives.

A Healthy Way



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