Beyond Policing: Dropping Rightness

Ayelet Baron
2 min readMay 30, 2024

A Healthier Path to Create

It used to happen in bustling town squares where policing each other’s behavior happened in public.

Now, it’s moved to the digital town square where words in posts replace pointing fingers and shaking heads at others.

Isn’t it fascinating that people feel a need to police others. This urge comes from fear, a need for control, and a sense of needing to be right.

As uncertainty increases, so does the effort to manage how others behave, pushing us to follow what some see as the “right” way.

In a world that emphasizes being right, policing each other over small annoyances drains our energy. This makes it difficult to think for ourselves or fully own our actions.

Constant scrutiny shifts our focus to maintaining appearances or winning arguments, rather than fostering genuine understanding.

Policing each other reflects a larger issue: humanity’s shift from inner guidance to seeking approval from others. This change disrupts our natural instincts and places our trust under constant watch.



Ayelet Baron

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