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Ayelet Baron
3 min readJan 16

From Holding on to Letting Go

Our mindset matters especially when we learn to exercise it. We get messages from ourselves all the time and whether we choose to listen is up to us.

When we feel stuck in our career or life direction, perhaps it is a signal that it’s time to make a change. Maybe the deeper message is that it’s time to let go to how we react to certain situations rather than suffer through them?

While it appears to be a problem, maybe it’s an opportunity to surrender or allow ourselves to react differently? When we hold on to things too tightly, there is not much space for anything else or a situation to emerge. We usually get more of the same and it becomes a stressful cycle.

Can We Adopt A Healthy Mindset?

Someone shared with me the other day that they were the “better person” in a situation. It reminded me that as we age and are shaped by society, we are constantly trying to be the better person, and forget to be ourselves. Imagine if we didn’t need to compete or impress anyone and got to be who we are and simply be the best we can be without taking anyone down.

It might sound hokey but this is so hard for so many people who are struggling to simply be. And why we are seeing an increase of training and workshops on how to be authentic and vulnerable.

Don’t you think it’s fascinating that we are in a time when experts are here to teach and instruct us how to be human? What if every day forward, we each would strive to say what we really feel, without needing to be the better person or fear “offending” anyone?

I recently encountered someone who was constantly feeling offended. Ironically, her social media updates attacked whoever she felt was “wrong” or opposed her beliefs. At one point, she wanted me to agree with her and I simply let go as in my world there is no space for the mindset of division.

What I experienced was someone who didn’t want to listen and was sadly, warring within herself. And while I felt huge compassion, it was her work to discover that there is a much healthier path in this plain of existence when we choose to see possibilities.

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