Are You An Architect of Humanity?

Ayelet Baron
4 min readOct 13, 2023

A Time To Lead is Here

What you learn more than anything through tragedy is the disbelief of the cruelty that is unimaginable. What has transpired over the last six days is a massacre that brings us back us to the time of genocide of ordinary people.

We know this story from all parts of the world but this is happening right now when you and I are on this planet. This is real. This is not breaking news. This is a turning point in our history.

We may say ‘never again’ or have it plastered on the wall of an existing genocide museum in Rwanda and elsewhere. But our reality is that the world — not just one tribe but ALL of us — have experienced unspeakable acts targeting and murdering HUNDREDS of babies, children, the elderly and human beings of all ages.

There are still people from multiple countries (some include the UK, US, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Philippines, Italy, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, Ireland, Nepal, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Russia, Tanzania, Thailand, Ukraine and Israel) being held captive by savages.

You may think this is not your “war” but that is only true if you are not human.

This is not a time of division but a time to get to the root of our hate, separation and division, which is by design. We need a world without inclusion and diversity; because we need a world that is simply diverse and inclusive. But this is not a time for philosophy.

This is a time of action. This is a time to ask ourselves WHY are we here?

We can no longer wait for leadership show up. For the last few decades we have not had conscious leadership in our world. We can debate for years. But that’s not the point to create more division and hate. We need to start seeing reality and this is very real.

The point is what kind of world do we want to be part of? What action can each of us take at this moment to change our collective history?

Every morning since this atrocity broke out, I wake up to horrifying stories of what transpired and I am taking time to mourn and grieve because like so many this hit close to home with great loss for my own family. (RIP)



Ayelet Baron

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