Only You Know What Makes Your Heart Beat

This world — that we created and inherited — tells us that everything we need, even love, is outside of ourselves.

We have learned to not only seek knowledge and love outside ourselves, but we have also been conditioned to trust others before truly trusting our hearts. It is not surprising since we have learned from a very early age to live from our minds when our opportunity is to listen to the whispers of our hearts and integrate them with a healthy mindset.

The new age gurus will tell you that this is a time to move from your mind to your heart, but the truth is that the journey we are…

An Opportunity to Rewild Yourself

Life is a journey for each of us, with different expeditions, that sparks our willingness to bring our full self to face our challenges and opportunities.

It’s a story of how you can begin to trust yourself enough to know what’s healthy and toxic for you, set boundaries, make peace with your body, mind, and soul — as well as your ancestors.

On this adventure, you learn to honor your anger, heartbreaks, and disappointments by learning forgiveness for what you didn’t have the capacity and ability to know when certain events took place in your…

You Are Enough

When was the last time you were in control?

What role does being in control play in your life?

How attached are you to manifesting your intentions?

Many of us have been conditioned to love predictability and fear the unknown. As a result, we have attached ourselves to a way of life that may be unhealthy for our very existence.

What no one truly teaches us that it’s healthy to let go of attachments to outcomes and hopes. When you get up in the morning, for example, and hope you have a “good” day, you are setting…

Life is patiently waiting for you to step into your power

Photo by Tamara Bravo on Unsplash

Some dream of going back to normal, while more and more people are curious about what’s beyond what is socially acceptable (normal) today. What we are experiencing is personal and each one of us has the right and opportunity to respond in our own way. We just may not know it yet.

We are in uncharted territory, and some of us are breaking through so we can find our feet on what will be the emerging world. As we consciously step out of the decaying paradigm and programming, we…

Living in Possibilities

One day you break free.

And you no longer pine for a parade or award to recognize your success.

There’s no pride to stand in and no need to care about being chosen by some force outside yourself.

Because one day, it is you who chooses to walk away from whatever or whoever is holding you back from being who you truly are or why you came here.

You may not know where you’re headed on your path, but at a certain point you become more courageous and curious to experience life and all it has to…

Are you following or creating? It’s always a choice …

When you prefer to carefully color within the lines of conformity, you may find that you respond positively to strong rules, which maintain order and create the illusion of safety — but please consider that it may prevent you from exploring anything beyond the norm and outside of what is expected to live a ‘successful’ life.

Many times, rules and lists become unnecessary walls that prevent us from living up to our full potential. …

Can you stop trying to live up to someone else’s rules?

Facebook @urenoughasyouare, Instagram @self.enough, and YouTube @ You Are Enough Billboard Campaign

There are some of us who are always living in panic — jumping from one crisis to another; one drama to another. You’d think our lives may be a TV show and that we are here to play some character on the stage of life. Oh, if only we had the spotlight and the good life, wouldn’t everything be perfect then?

The Japanese have a special relationship with beauty. For them, things are neither complete nor perfect. The culture, in general, pursues perfection and is very precise in business…

What happens when you step into your power

When we trek into the unknown, we ultimately learn humility and patience. When the journey feels impossible, it introduces feelings in us to give up.

Becoming aware of when a thought goes through your mind, or a feeling goes through your body, helps to understand that you don’t need to add more energy to it. How we react matters. …

What December 2020 May Be Asking You as 2021 Emerges

What we are witnessing right now is death. The only thing we know for sure is that one day we will die. Everything dies. Everyone dies. And we have such fear associated with death that too often we are too scared to live fully and stay stuck relying on false safety nets.

The world, as we know it, is dying, and so many people want to get back to ‘normal” and the way things were. But that will not happen. …

Opening yourself up to everything and everyone

The news “reported” that a storm was coming and that we should be prepared for power outages. At three AM this morning I woke up from sound of strong gusts of wind and now that there’s light at seven AM, I see the trees dancing in full force over the rippling waves of the Pacific Ocean.

There’s a storm brewing in many of us right now trying to “make sense” of how our world changed so quickly. …

Ayelet Baron

Offer medicine to the soul as an author. speaker. guide. Former Cisco strategist. Thinkers50 author. Forbes 50 Female Futurists #indieauthor

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